Robert “Bob” F. Cordova

Robert “Bob” F. Cordova was the founder of Finger Food Products, Inc., the manufacturer of Original Pizza Logs®. Founded in Niagara Falls, his company has been a staple in Western New York and Original Pizza Logs® have been a household name for more than two decades.  He created 100’s of jobs during his tenure and was a great supporter of local suppliers, ensuring the success of other Western New York businesses.

Like most small businesses, Original Pizza Logs® had a very humble beginning.  The company started in a small facility behind a convenient store.  Today it occupies a state of the art facility which ships product throughout the United States.  Mr. Cordova believed in his pursuit of the “American Dream” passionately and made tireless self-sacrifice to build the company into what it has become today.  He simply succeeded where most others would have failed.

Beyond his success in business, Mr. Cordova was a strong supporter and sponsor of motorsports for more than a decade.  He helped countless drivers in many forms of motorsports throughout the East Coast.  He collected a vast array of awards including: several Car Owner of the Year, Sponsor of the Year, and countless championships in many divisions.  Throughout the years, Original Pizza Logs® has been aligned with some of racing’s most respected speedways and series.  Mr. Cordova generously and passionately supported struggling drivers and helped lead them to championships on all levels.

Personally, Mr. Cordova enjoyed collecting and riding motorcycles.  He was an avid fisherman and was and excellent breeder of killifish.  He earned numerous national accolades and was a frequent “Best in Show” winner.

Mr. Cordova’s business and legacy will live on through the next generation.  The family vows to work hard every day to build on his great success.